59 Liberty specializes in political data viz


The election of 1876 celebrated the first 100 years of the American experiment, encapsulating the spirit of the Founding years with the realities of the post Civil War-era. Rutherford Hayes defeated Democrat Samuel Tilden by the narrowest of margins and most nefarious of machinations, culminating in the end of Reconstruction and a new American century.

Tilden's defeat was not for lack of trying, however. At 59 Liberty Street in New York City, Tilden's "Literary Bureau" worked around the clock to print pamphlets, newspapers and textbooks to help spread his message. It was the first coordinated nationwide effort to promote a candidate through print media.


59 Liberty helps candidates and causes communicate online by creating graphics for targeted messaging. Through optimized outreach we can engender discussion, promote visibility and create awareness.


Our team has logged thousands of hours working on projects for clients like Nike, Facebook, Google, GE, ESPN, MTV and Samsung. Time and again we had massive success with infographics, videos and interactive websites. If corporate product stories can go viral, imagine what will happen with a truly compelling story.

Politics in the 21st century has traveled a long way since the 1800s. Instead of printing presses we have Facebook. Instead of the postal service, we use email. 59 Liberty is now an online address with all of the Literary Bureau's energy and none of it's 19th century limitations. Technology now makes getting the message out far more simple, but the challenge is creating assets that people want to share. We can help.